Sunday, November 1, 2009

N85 House by Morphogenesis

A little architectural food for thought coming to you from New Delhi tonight, from an architecture firm in India called Morphogenesis.
Granted the climate is a bit warmer than Telluride's, but I am intrigued by the blurring of indoor/outdoor spaces, and I absolutely love the overlapping spaces and the central, sculptural stair... and the photos are gorgeous, too!

The house has patterns and repetition, transparency, opacity, connection, lovely light and great texture. The description at the Contemporist website talks of the layering of spatial program given the complexity of intergenerational living and cultural demands of the Indian family, which I find enormously interesting. Plus, how cool is it that "there is an entire eco-system living and growing in the heart of the house"
I found the house on a great blog I found tonight (thank you, twitter!) called the Contemporist that if you don't already enjoy, check it out! 
(I wish I had photographed these, but alas, this Photography is by Amit Mehra, Andre Fanthome, and Edmund Sumner)

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  1. The gorgeous photos generate a huge desire to go inside and experience the space - for a week! Beautiful.