Sunday, January 10, 2010

Volcanic Inspiration + Aspiration

Damn!  Stumbled upon another book that I wish I had photographed first:

I have only been close enough to one active volcano, Arenal in Costa Rica, to experience her stunning power.  I felt as if I was witnessing the breath of our planet.  Crazy concept to listen to the earth breathing!  I was speechless for days, watching in awe the cycle of life on a geologic scale, hearing the pulse of ejecting lava, feeling the crumbling of rock under pressure... Feminine, Powerful, Beautiful.

Someday, I will complete my coffee table photography book celebrating the richness, incredible beauty and inspiration to be found in the presence of a volcano.  Until then, photos I took back then serve to remind me of travels I have been fortunate enough to experience, and inspire me to keep working towards shooting more volcanos!

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